Need rock, gravel or sand? We got it!

Handyman – 5/8″ Minus AKA Top Course

(Named so as it is often the top layer of gravel under a road or concrete)

This rock is the handyman of gravel!  This hard working and versatile rock loves to be used on all parts of your project. From the final layer of gravel in your drive to a meandering walking path in your garden. This gravel makes a great surface to walk on ride bikes and of course even drive. But it is no spotlight hog as good ole 5/8” is glad to take a supporting role when needed.  He can be compacted for a solid foundation for about anything you want to put on him. As Anchor Hauling is a connoisseur of fine 5/8″ minus we make sure to only bring the best to your project, and you will be able to put your confidence in 5/8″ minus & Anchor Hauling to get it done right!

Product Code: 220

3/4″ Minus Crushed Rock

This gray colored rock is great for drives.

1 1/4″ Minus AKA Base Course

(Named so as it is often the bottom layer of gravel under a road or concrete)

This gravel is like the guy you can always count on to take that blind date with your friend. He is used as a foundation for 5/8″ minus often so he can’t have a big attitude with that supporting role.  But don’t discount him entirely some people count on him as the sole star of their gravel drive and he will work well for that. You seldom see him used in landscaping or on walking paths but he doesn’t complain!  He compacts well and with his larger size is a great choice for gravel parking lots for heavy equipment.  Bottom line if you have a serious job to do there is a good chance Anchor Hauling will bring 1 ¼” to your job site.

Product Code: 230

1 1/2″ Drain Rock

This is great rock for drain fields.

Product Code: 410

1 1/4″ Fractured Basalt

2″ x 3″ Basalt Ballast

This brown colored basalt rock is great for landscaping or haystack yards.

Product Code: 550

3″ x 6″ Basalt Ballast

The brown basalt rock is commonly found along railroad tracks and in landscaping.

Product Code: 660

Scalping Sand

C-33 Sand

Chip Rock

This is a small gray rock.

Product Code: 1210

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